Registration to participate in the BSRT Symposium
If you would like to participate in the BSRT Symposium, you need to complete and send the Registration Form. The Registration Form is available until 15.10.2019, when the late deadline ends. You will receive the invoice within two weeks upon your registration for the BSRT Symposium.

Submission of abstract for poster or oral presentation
The goal of the BSRT Symposium is to give all participating junior scientists the opportunity to present their own work, exchange ideas and make contact with their peers and senior experts. We therefore warmly invite you to submit your abstract and apply for an oral or poster presentation. An oral presentation will offer you a great chance to show your data to an audience in a relaxed atmosphere amongst peers. We would like you to put a strong focus on time and/or space aspects in regenerative therapies in your abstract . The organization team will select the oral presentations based on scientific quality and references to spaciotemporal factors in the abstracts. Also a poster presentation will give you a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas, as well as to discuss aspects of time and space in healing or treatment processes. We highly encourage you to present your work or your project proposal with a poster even if you just have preliminary data or exciting new ideas.

To give a poster or oral presentation, you need to submit your abstract. You can do this after registering to the BSRT Symposium at any time but no later than 15.09.2019.

Click here for the registration form