Panel Discussion

Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility – A fork in the ethics road and the dilemma therein

Moderator: Mathew Hill (BBC radio)
Panelist  – Ethics: Paul Root Wolpe (Emory University)
Panellists – Politics: Jan van Aken (former MP Die Linke)
Panellists – Science: James Adjaye (University of Düsseldorf) – Andrew Carr (University of Oxford)


 The mission

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the field of regenerative medicine has made significant advances in basic research, provided many opportunities for personalized biomedicine and brought changes in the health care industries impacting society at large. In our regenerative medicine-based symposium of the Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT), we will present the latest developments in personalized biomedicine on a multi-scale level (genome, cell and organ level) from innovation, diagnosis to therapeutic opportunities. Our fascination for the field of regenerative medicine is illustrated in the superhero theme we have chosen for this year’s BSRT symposium. We are aware that the tremendous progress in regenerative medicine comes with “superhero powers” that should not be abused. In other words, with great power comes great responsibility. Even in our daily research-life, we should ask ourselves: how far can and should we go?

As scientists we have a social and moral responsibility to society at large which we want to address in a panel discussion entitled “Spiderman: With great power comes responsibility – A fork in the ethics road and the dilemma therein”. Important stakeholders from science, politics and ethics will address the highly relevant concern – Homo Deus: Are we creating super humans and is our society ready for it? – and visit the ethical boundaries that should contain biomedical innovation.