The BSRT Symposium offers 45 min keynote lectures by renowned experts from around the world who provide an overview on their particular area of expertise. This is followed by two 15 min presentations given by junior researchers.  Please click on the days to see the detailed programme for each day.

Programme 28th – 30th November 2018       Wednesday      Thursday      Friday

This Symposium will explore the topic of failure in Regenerative Therapy research from two different perspectives.

Scientists‘ Perspective
The omnipresent pressure on scientists to quickly publish their research results is widely known. However, scientific research often encounters failure and achieving the successful final masterpiece becomes a frustrating time-consuming process. During this Symposium, we will explore how these two conflicting realities influence scientists and the quality of science. We will question and debate our fears of failure in order to understand and embrace them as essential elements of research and as an opportunity to learn and improve.
Science Perspective
Causes of failure in regeneration will be discussed, highlighting natural influences of cellular aging and microbial infections. The inherent potential of the body to deal with failure will be illustrated by focusing on immune reactions, as well as on cellular and tissue regeneration. Moreover, a colorful palette of strategies that support regeneration will be displayed, from nature- to technology-inspired solutions. Lastly, the critical steps of translating promising therapies into clinical applications will be portrayed.